Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa

In this post i will explain how i managed to get Schengen VISA from Germany on my Indian passport.

Schengen Visa from Germany

The best part of Schengen Visa is that visa from any of the 26 countries in Schengen zone will allow you to freely move to the rest without any additional Visa.

It is quite easy to secure Schengen visa when you have all your documents in place. The process of applying is almost similar for all the Schengen countries.

Choose the country to apply:

You apply for visa to the specific country where you will be spending maximum time of your trip.

if you are spending equal amount of days in every country, then you apply to the country where you have your port of entry and exit from.

When to apply?

I would suggest applying 40 days before your trip, that way if embassy takes 15 days to process your visa and in worst case if it gets rejected you still have time to make new application and still receive your visa on time.

My Visa was processed in 10 days by German Embassy Chennai.

Where do i start??

Start by gathering all the documents you would require:

  • Bank statements with bank seal.
  • Income tax returns or form 16
  • Payslips if employed
  • Sponsor letter if sponsored by someone else.
  • Leave letter from your employer
  • Copy of flight itinerary
  • Proof of Accommodation for every single night
  • Internal travel reservations
  • Travel insurance
  • Cover letter
  • itinerary
  • proof of civil status( Marriage certificate)
  • Passport size photos.


  • Book Accommodation using websites like and check for hotels which have zero cancellation fee and once visa is accepted you can book according to your plans so that you don’t lose money if your visa is rejected.
  • Book refundable flight tickets and cancel them once visa is approved and later buy flights with cheaper fares.
  • You can also find travel agents who can block tickets for you, instead of paying the entire price, you block tickets and buy them once your visa is accepted.
  • There are many companies offering travel insurance like ICIC lombard, Tata AIG, Religare. buy from the ones which suits you better.
  • Show 100 euros per day in your bank account and make sure you are maintaining the balance for few months.

Cover letter:

This letter is really important. Since they don’t have an interview process, you have to make sure you are letting the embassy know every single detail through this letter.

Make sure you are letting the embassy know what is your purpose of visit and why you are applying through that specific embassy.

Though it can be obvious that you are applying for tourism, still make sure the embassy knows it too.

Be genuine in the letter. If you are not employed and not able to provide a leave letter explain the same in cover letter.

What next:

  • You do not go to embassy directly. your applications are received by third party’s like VFS Global or BLS international.
  • Check the procedure for your specific country.
  • For Germany it is VFS global.
  • Book an appointment date.
  • Make sure you have the checklist(available in VFS site) and check that you have all documents in place. If your application is not complete VFS doesn’t accept them.
  • Go to VFS at the appointment time with all documents in place and VISA fee( around 7000₹)
  • You will handover application along with your passport and give your biometrics.
  • You can pay courier charges if you wish too avail courier services

That is it….!

You have done your job and now you just wait until the passport arrives back.

If it is approved you have the visa, if not you have your passport with letter stating reason for refusal.

I received my visa for the exact dates i showed my flights for.

Usually they give visa for the exact dates.

Maximum duration you can apply visa for is 3 Months.

Do not forget to apply for multiple entry visa if you plan to visit non-Schengen European countries during your trip.

Hope this helps

If you have any questions feel free to comment down below..!

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